So want an Arowana

So want an Arowana

By Factory Fish Tanks

So want an Arowana

Arowana are of the most sought after fish with rare ones selling up to $300,000! They are known to bring good luck and prosperity due to their metallic scales that resemble coins. The Asian Arowana variety are illegal to import without proper licensing due to them being endangered. This makes these fish even more enticing and expensive! To get your hands on one of these is impressive, not the start on the size tank needed to house them.



Silver Arowana are one of the most common Arowana in USA. There is a wide variety from Gold to Black. Arowana are a hard fish to keep and not for everyone due their price and maintenance level. Commonly known as monkey fish due to them being able to jump out of their tank. These fish can range from as low as $100 to $500 for an average Arowana but of course prices can range up to the six figures with these rare fish. 

The proper tank size needed to keep a Silver Arowana around 36" is at-least 8 x 4 x 3 feet. This would be close to 700 gallons. This will give your Arowana plenty of room to not be hurt by sudden movements or lights. The reason these fish need this large of tank is they are large creatures that love to jump. Having a three foot fish is no joke and if you're a serious hobbyist then you will be the first to give your expensive fish extra space to stay healthy. The price can be steep and often a pond is recommended, but even those can be upwards of 8k with professional installation.



Our price on a tank like this would be dependant on a lot of options but overall a 9x4x3 feet - 700 Gallons would be roughly 14k for just the tank. Including the sump, stand, and shipping your looking close to 19k for a full setup landed in your driveway! Often times you will see recommendations of 250 gallons but this is far from the right size. 8 x 4 x 3 feet is the bare minimum for a fully grown Arowana. Aiming your tank for 3x the fishes length and 1.3x their width means a 1000 gallon tank setup would be the perfect roomy setup for a fully grown Arowana.

When it comes to the smaller 18”- 24” Asian Arowana they will be fine with an 7x3x3 feet tank. A tank this size would be around 400 gallons and would be around 7k for the tank and closer to 10k for a full setup.



When talking about taking care of a fully grown Arowana it's really not for everyone. From the high cost to getting everything setup. We are here to help answer any question regarding your build. Factory Fish Tanks has been building tanks for over a decade. We have built many Arowana tanks and are confident we are the right fit for your build! 


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