Custom Acrylic & Glass Tanks

Custom Acrylic & Glass Tanks

You dream it and we make it, our factory has years of experience crafting tanks that look stunning and last for decades. Our acrylic tanks are bonded with only polymers leaving a seamless look and a bond that will never leak or break. The glass is sealed with top of the line German Wackers® Silicone guided with a hand with years of experience. 

We can make tanks any shape, any size, and with no limits with our proprietary acrylic casting technology that lets up cast upto 12 inch thick acrylic. Our tanks have different options such as euro-bracing, PVC bottoms, internal and external overflows and more. We help design these tanks and can take care of plumbing and and even custom aluminum stands.

Our tanks are hand crafted and every part is perfectly finished so theres no issues with leaking, chips, or any fitment issues. Our aluminum stands are saltwater resistant and can hold upto 2x the estimated weight for extra safety. We have hundreds of trim options and customizability with our tanks. We carry ultra clear low iron glass that brings out the colors in your tank and let your corals pop through the glass!

Custom-built large-scale aquarium with vibrant marine life for residential and commercial spaces

We test and fill all of our tanks for atleast 14 days before shipping out each tank, and ensuring multiple times for scratches and any other defects. Our workers have years of experience making us your choice for a custom acrylic or glass tank. Over the years we have worked on multiple residential and commercial projects and can do full service installations and maintenance. We provide "Start to Fish" services where everything is taken care of including stocking the tank with fish and coral!

 We have no limits on sizes! Dream as big as your imagination goes with our custom acrylic tanks. We also turn pools into human aquariums so are your next pick for your commercial or residential aquatic project.

Modern acrylic aquarium with sleek design, ideal for high-end offices and restaurants

Bespoke in-wall aquarium seamlessly integrated into home or office decor, offering a captivating focal point

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