Acrylic Pools

Clear Cast Acrylic Pool

25 Year Non Yellowing Warranty Included


We have been clear casting and extruding acrylic for many years. Our state of the art machines are able cast up to 12" thick acrylic sheets. With thousands of square feet and decades of experience we are the best pick for your project.

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Acrylic or glass? Acrylic has higher impact resistance and is easily repairable than glass. This makes it the better fit for pools since polishing out any dings or scratches can be done without draining the water. Acrylic has a higher clarity than glass and a similar refractive index to water which makes it a better visibility option. Acrylic is safer to use than glass due to its flexibility with the water load and does not need to be layered like glass would. The overall weight of acrylic is 50% lighter than glass making it easier to install and ship.



Our clear cast acrylic is almost crystal clear. With over 92% light transmittance and a similar refractive index to water, acrylic provides the best visual clarity for your pool. Our biggest mould can fit 12 inches of solid ultra clear acrylic. 







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