We Design and Craft Custom Tanks

Your vision, our expertise. We've built custom tanks from 100 to 9,000 gallons and beyond! With hundreds of residential and commercial glass and acrylic projects under our belt, we are the go-to source for your next aquatic masterpiece.

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Aquariums Built with Pride

Every tank is handmade and made by builders with years of experience. Our acrylic tanks are bonded molecularly leaving a leak proof seam you can trust.

Bespoke in-wall aquarium seamlessly integrated into home or office decor, offering a captivating focal point

Aluminum & Wood Stands

Bespoke in-wall aquarium seamlessly integrated into home or office decor, offering a captivating focal point

Rimless & Braced Tanks

Hybrid PVC Glass Bottom

Acrylic & Glass Cylinder Tanks

Commercial Aquarium Services

Add a stunning aquarium to elevate your hotel, restaurant, or office space. We design, manufacture, install, and maintain freshwater and saltwater commercial systems, enhancing the ambiance for customers in lobbies, dining areas, or offices.

Custom-built large-scale aquarium with vibrant marine life for residential and commercial spaces

Create your Dream Reef

Our skilled engineers have experience with tanks ranging from 100 to 80,000 gallons, ensuring your underwater habitat is nothing short of perfect. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.

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Aluminum & Wood Stand

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Custom-made aluminum and wood stand providing sturdy support and a stylish look for aquariums

Our standard aluminum stand can be color matched to any color and is built to last. It can be customized to glossy satin finished doors and 3/8" thick aluminum frame that can hold up to 10,000 pounds.

Elegant and strong aluminum and wood aquarium stand designed to blend seamlessly with interior decor

The aluminum stand can be customized with your touch of wooden door and color options. Contact for trim options and more! We can 3D rock background and can print your design on the vinyl.

Versatile wood aquarium stand, combining strength and design to enhance your aquatic display

Our standard wood cabinet is rated up to 200 gallons, and has plenty space for sump and filters just like the aluminum stand. This is better for smaller tanks and can be custom painted.

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Acrylic Block 3 inches and clear and transparent for pools

Ultra High Clarity Acrylic

Our acrylic allows up to 93% of light to pass and has a better optical clarity than glass. All made with virgin Lucite® with added UV-inhibitors to prevent yellowing, see our 3inch thick block on the right.

Bespoke in-wall aquarium seamlessly integrated into home or office decor, offering a captivating focal point

Aquarium Designing Services

Looking for a statment peice in your home or business? We offer artisan desgining services from coral to wood finishes. We can make the tank of your dreams!

10 Year Warranty

With over a decade of crafting acrylic tanks for commercial projects, we can cast acrylic up to 12 inches thick. Our acrylic comes with a 10 year warranty included.

Acrylic Panels

Custom acrylic and glass panels for pools and aquariums.

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A Story of Pride & Excellence

Our story began with industrial Acrylic manufacterer but soon becomes a story that can safely say its been seen by tens of millions of eyes. With the rise of the popularity of acrylic mega aquariums we started getting some requests that the adventure was too much to reject.

Begining with our first client comissioning us to build a clear cast acrylic monster aquarium close to 2000 gallons. Aquariums slowly became a passion for our company with more and more aquarium customers we made a big switch for the company.

We noticed that there was a gap in the aquarium market for afforadable tanks. We began accepting more "small" orders around 300 gallons and saw the smiles we were providing nationwide. From this day we understand our mission, and that is to spread joy with our tanks.


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"Aquascaping has been a dream of mine for years and getting this tank has been a dream come true. It was an easy process to order and came within 2 months of ordering. This tank is a massive and still is not done after a few weeks of aquascaping. I choose the right builder for the project."

Andrew Cheung, Texas

"I've always wanted to get a statement piece in my home, but I did not know what I was getting into before I started talking to Shriam. He guided me through everything I needed. The entire build was pretty crazy with a lot of moving parts and I did not do much. He hooked me up with an installer who has been the same guy since I've gotten her. Everything was hands off and done the right way. I've never had an issue for the 4 years I've had this tank.

Jimmy Marino, California

"I'm a pretty hands off guy and when I was ordering the tank Eric made sure to recommend me everything I needed from an installer to the proper pump setup. I can't be more happy with everything from the wood stand to the overall finish. I reall can't thank Eric enough for helping me out through this build and taking care of all the moving parts."

Josh Stuart, Maryland