an acrylic pool panel wall installed in luxury home in los angles

How to Install an Acrylic Glass Pool Wall

By Factory Fish Tanks

an acrylic pool panel wall installed in luxury home in los angles

acrylic pool wall feature in a home in los angles

Acrylic glass pools offer unparalleled clarity and elegance, making them a popular choice for luxury pool installations. High-quality custom cast acrylic panels are essential for a successful project, ensuring longevity and durability. Our acrylic panels come with special UV-inhibitors that last for over 30 years and are backed by a 20-year warranty, without sacrificing clarity or leaving a cloudy residue. Follow our step-by-step guide to master the process of installing an acrylic glass pool.

1. Plan Your Acrylic Wall Panel Installation

installation for acrylic panel

Begin by obtaining final dimensions for your pool, including the size of surrounding concrete structures. Acrylic panels require 15-18 inch walls, compared to the typical 10-inch pool walls. Create a detailed plan for your concrete U-channel, factoring in any unique design elements, such as radius pools or hot tubs. Our team of engineers is available to assist with accurate measurements for complex projects.

A step-by-step visual guide to installing an acrylic glass pool, showcasing the planning and installation stages

We ensure stress-free shipping for your acrylic panel, protecting it with weatherproof foam and a secure wooden case wrapped in steel. This safeguards your panel from damage and avoids delays or additional costs due to broken panels.

A close-up image of a UV-resistant, high-quality acrylic panel, demonstrating its exceptional clarity and durability.


2. Create the U-channel

An image illustrating the concrete U-channel construction process, highlighting the use of inserts and rebar for support.

To build a sturdy U-channel, use inserts and rebar to form a concrete structure for the acrylic panel. The U-channel should be 2-4 inches larger than the panel to accommodate proper placement. Reinforce the U-channel as needed for added support. The u-channel should be smooth for easy application of the waterproofing stage. 


3. Install Panel and Grout

Moving the panel is often one of the most challenging parts of this procedure. For a panel under 800lbs often times it can manageable with suction cups and straps. To lift and lower the panel into place. We recommend going with an industrial forklift or a crane for panels above 1000lbs. 


: An image displaying the grouting process using cement and silicone, ensuring a secure and long-lasting installation.

After creating the U-channel, install your acrylic panel and grout it with cement and silicone. For a seamless installation, follow our detailed instruction manual, which includes our proprietary grouting method that matches our warranty coverage. This ensures a secure, long-lasting installation that meets our high standards.

For more information and a quote on your acrylic glass pool project, please Contact us here.


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