How to Install an Acrylic Glass Pool

How to Install an Acrylic Glass Pool

By Factory Fish Tanks

How to Install an Acrylic Glass Pool

Installing an acrylic panel has many challenges with its main being the actual panel. Acrylic is an incredibly complex material with its incredible clarity and moldability we use acrylic for all our of pool projects. Custom cast acrylic panels are expensive and keep getting more costly with the bigger the panel gets. Our acrylic panels have special uv-inhibitors that last for over 30 years and are on Warranty for 25 years. These inhibitors act without impacting the clarity of the acrylic or leaving a cloudy residue. Ensuring your acrylic is good quality makes sure you don't have any issues down the road when it's installed.

1. Plan

installation for acrylic panel

The first step is to get final dimensions including size surrounding concrete structures. Acrylic panels require 15-18 inch walls compared to the typical 10 inch pool walls. Then we create a render a plan for your concrete u-channel. For complex projects such as radius pools and hot tubs we have a team of engineer to help you get the right measurements.


Our stress free shipping makes sure your panel will not be damaged ensuring there is no delays or paying extra contractors if the panel arrives broken. The panel is first wrapped in thick weatherproof foam, then placed into a wooden case that is then wrapped in steel making sure no damage can occur to our panels.


2. Create the U-channel

Using an insert and re-bar you can create a concrete u-channel for the panel to insert into. Keep in mind your u-channel is typically 2-4 inches bigger than your panel. U-channel shown below will be re-supported on the left side.


3. Install Panel and Grout

Next step is to install your panel and grout with cement and silicone. To get more information we have a detailed instruction manual including our proprietary grouting method that is warranty matched. Contact us here for more informations and quote on your project.


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