Retail Aquatic Displays

We offer custom retail display tanks with aluminum and wood finishing options. Impress all your customers with a gorgeous display tank for your pet store. We have been crafting custom tanks and commercial displays for decades. With decades of experience and tens of thousands of square feet, Factory Fish Tanks is your go to for any aquatic display.


With state of the art glass cutting and a skilled team of craftsmen who hand make every tank custom, we are the go to for every aquatic need. Customize the tanks with aluminum stands, bracing, aluminum trim, and more. We use Wackers silicone and hand seal every tank on both sides and allow at-least 72 hours of curing before the tanks is touched again to reduce leakage.



Our minimum order quantity for tanks under 50 gallons is ten tanks. This ensures we can give you the best value when ordering wholesale custom tanks. We can customize tanks to any size with many trim and bracing options. Our custom aluminum workshop can craft stands of any size are able to create stunning displays for your pet store. 



We offer free designing services for our clients, with full 3d rendering and revisions included. This allows us to paint a better picture of what the client wants and how we can provide a better experience. We don't have limits on our tanks, we have glass up to 1" thick and acrylic up to 12". Create the display you want and get it at the right price.


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